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In 2023 I spearheaded the production and curation of the Mercer Gallery’s summer exhibition, titled TOTAL RECALL: MYTH AND MEMORY. The exhibition presented recent acquisitions and highlights from the collection alongside works by five Northern artists. These artists were invited to add a contemporary context to works in the collections. This intervention was heightened as each invited artist used a different medium, from light art to sculpture, painting to video. The invited artists were: Sally Barker, Ka Bird, Jill McKnight, K Walker, and Hang Zhang. The show has been well attended and has received a positive response from press. 


I worked closely with the Mercer Gallery Management team to coordinate this project. In addition to selecting works from the archive, I worked closely with the invited artists to curate a dynamic show. On top of this, I developed the theme, researched the artworks, and coordinated the installation. I wrote all the text panels, press releases, accompanying text, and executed all graphic design for the exhibition (including posters, wall panels, press release, and social media).  I was also successful in finding funding for this project from independent sponsors. 

Below is the press release that accompanied the exhibition, it expands on the themes of the show. 

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