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ROUTES NORTH: Emerging Northern Talent

2022 began with the launch of Routes North: Emerging Northern Talent in the Yorkshire gallery of Messums. The show was curated in collaboration with Saskia Bonner-Tymms, Tara Pommery, and Johnny Messum. The show's purpose was to celebrate the vibrancy and artistry that is present in the North of the UK. Routes North brought together 10 creatives who spanned many media and disciplines, presenting a diverse overview of Northern creativity. The show was curated across two floors, with the downstairs section focussing closely on materiality, whilst the upper floor explored vibrant colours and textures. The show launched to positive reviews (read Court Spencer's review for The State of the Arts here) and sold well. To accompany the show I produced, filmed, and edited a compilation of video interviews with the artists that can be viewed below.  For more information about the show click here.

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