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Cover design for Conversations in Art: Race, Sexuality, and Health. Conference developed by Joe Nickols



Whilst the world was in lockdown during summer 2020, I initiated and co-ordinated a 3-part lecture series with Art History Abroad that investigated contemporary issues within the art world. The topics explores race, sexuality, and health. These themes were chosen as we were in the wake of BLACK LIVES MATTER it felt important to explore our field in a similar critical manner. Additionally, due to lockdown people were removed from the potential of exploring sexuality, and plunged deep within a global health crisis. We felt strongly that these topics needed to be approached individually, and yet each lecture built on the one before it. Each lecture featured two talks on the theme to offer different perspectives on the topic. The lectures were incredibly thought provoking and were very well attended. The series raised over £1000 for the charity The Black Curriculum. For this series I focussed on introducing a predominantly British audience to artists and creatives from outside the European Art History canon. My lectures were titled: 

Race: Taking Control of Culture - Exploring the racism contained in museums across the world.

Sexuality: Embodying the Spectrum - Introducing the complexity of gender and sexual identity in Japanese society.

Health: Between Life and Death -  Examining artists who comment on the impact oppression has on the health of the body and personal survival. 

Other speakers include: Helen Oakden, Frankie Dytor, and Holly Morrison.

To view the full series click here.

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